7 Boxing Gloves Must, To Use For Heavy Bag Training And Sparring

7 Boxing Gloves Must, To Use For Heavy Bag Training And Sparring
October 26 12:27 2019

Unlike cricket boxing does not require much equipment like a bat gloves shoes, helmet ball stumps etc. boxing is simple in terms of equipment, in a nutshell, the player requires gloves and helmet and shoes but it does get complicated when the types of gloves come to the discussion. There is a wide range of boxing gloves, different type of training requires different type of gloves and there are levels too ranging from different gloves for beginners, semi-professional and professionals.

Best Boxing Gloves for Training and Sparring

Boxing has a wide variety of gloves Let us know about these gloves in brief.

Ringside IMF Tech Hook And Loop Boxing Gloves: The quality and construction of it’s built is incredible, and the material used is quite durable, these gloves come with good padding and are snug fit and very comfortable to wear.

Winning Training Boxing Gloves: It is for those boxers who have weak wrists or are scared to face severe injuries then t is the right choice.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves: Getting the gloves free from odour of sweat drives the boxer up the wall and hence to avoid this annoyance the boxers should buy these.

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves: When a beginner steps up and needs to train harder, it is the perfect pick.

VenumChallenger 2.0 MMA: These clubs are used whence a boxer is an absolute beginner and requires extra protection.

VenumContender Boxing Gloves: This is another pair for beginners but help the boxer improve their game, is not suitable for advanced players.

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding:  When a boxer trains hard and the gloves fail him/her, it is then advisable for them to switch to these extra padded gloves.

These are a few boxing gloves among the wide range of boxing gloves recommended by bandar bola

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