Tips Which Would Help You To Dunk Like Nate Robinson

Tips Which Would Help You To Dunk Like Nate Robinson
September 24 13:15 2019

Basketball is one of the most popular games in the world and involves a great set of skills and techniques to master the game. Dunk is the most crucial part of the game and also is the most difficult trick to master.

You need to learn how to increase vertical jump to dunk, there various methods that can help you to jump higher and dunk like Nate Robinson.

How to improve your dunk and increase the height of your jump?

Calisthenics exercises

These exercises are entirely bodyweight exercises and strengthen your muscles and make them flexible and strong. You can do them anywhere and anytime as they don’t require any equipment. Doing calisthenics regularly boost your agility and strengthen your muscles.

Especially it targets the muscles of legs which play the most crucial role in dunking and jumping vertically. It increases the height of your jump and allows you to dunk more efficiently. Some of the common calisthenics exercises are push-ups, sit-ups, jumping, lunges, etc.

Regular stretching

Vertical jump stretches your muscles to a great extent, so it is necessary to stretch them regularly to increase the rise and avoid the risk of injuries. The more muscles will be able to stretch, the higher you would be able to jump. Basketball players stretch regularly because they know how to increase vertical jump to dunk. Stretching loosens the muscles and allows it to move further for a high jump.

Do calf raises

Calf raise is the best exercise to make your calves strong. Calves are the muscles that come into work while jumping upwards, so it is necessary to make them strong. Muscular calves help helps to dunk easily and efficiently as the person can reach the basket easily.

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