Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For You

Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For You
September 24 09:04 2019

From the millennials whose childhood is spent in outdoor games to make the physical body healthy to the children in this century, a lot of things have changed. Nowadays, due to technical advancement, children of age 3 and 4 years are masters of the games available on smartphones and video games. With increased research in medicine and science, video games proved to be more helpful in brain development and  better functioning of the nervous system if played in controlled amount in time.

You do good a lot more than bad

Here are some reasons why you should include gaming like dominoqq to your routine as a daily one hour practice.

  • Less scope of errors in daily day to day activities, you tend to make mistakes a lot less and carry on with your tasks with almost a surgeon-like precision.
  • It slows down your ageing, your mental ageing at the least. This is because it is a workout for your brain, it keeps it in shape. This way you won’t find yourself driving at 40 kmph when the speed limit is 80 kmph.
  • You make better decisions generally, this is because of one’s ability to sensor data and make decisions greatly improve through action gaming.
  • Gaming increases your ability to learn, this is because of the fact that gaming improves the flexibility of the brain.
  • Gaming improves the hand-eye coordination of the players.
  • The levels of focus and attention increase by a lot since gamers are used to concentrate on a moving object for long amounts of time.
  • Video games are a great stress buster, they can bring down your levels of daily anxiety and depression too.

Therefore, science has proved that there is quite a lot of benefits does when one includes it as a daily habit.

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