Invest in Promotional Insurance policy for sport marketing?

Invest in Promotional Insurance policy for sport marketing?
September 06 07:59 2019

Are you planning to launch a sport marketing campaign? It could be that you sell sports merchandise and looking to push up sales with a solid marketing campaign. That’s great, but before you proceed, you should get a promotional insurance. What is promotional insurance?

Well, every grand prize offered by brands or casinos like carries risks. For example, if the offer is too lucrative, you may receive an exceeded response. While an unprecedented response is great, it would be real trouble if you don’t have enough resources to meet the rising demand of the offer. This is where promotional insurance comes to the rescue.

Promotional insurance can be defined as a risk management strategy for promotional prize payouts. In this case, a marketer or brand fixes its budget (for promotional offer) by getting risks (financial) of prizes underwritten by third party- precisely, the insurance company.  This way, if your brand ever finds itself in a challenging position in regards to prize payout, the insurance company will handle the whole thing. The insurance company will thoroughly study your market and promotional aspects before coming up with a promotional risk management strategy.

How would promotional insurance help you?

  • Your promotional insurer will guide you on finding the most compatible promotional offer, as per your budget and market demand
  • Most importantly, your insurer would prevent you from making unrealistic promises on the offer that may drain out your finances on the face of rising demand for the offer
  • Your insurer will assess your condition, marketing aspects and come up with a reasonable Fixed Fee that would cover all the costs from your budget
  • The promotional insurer will keep your future budgets secured
  • The insurer will also prevent your embarrassment and public humiliation for not being able to meeting offer promises through calculated promotional risk management

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