Occasions Where Silver Jewelry Makes An Impact

Occasions Where Silver Jewelry Makes An Impact
August 19 10:34 2019

Sterling silver jewelry is suitable to wear at any types of occasion. Since silver jewelry is considered as a classic one, wearing it will never make you out of fashion. Silver jewelry also works with any fashion trend. You can pair silver with any article of clothing as long as you are following the accurate rules and guidelines. However, there are specific occasions where you need to wear a particular silver jewelry. To help you out, this article will go through some occasions where silver jewelry makes an impact.

Dinner parties

If you are going on a special dinner with your colleagues, bosses, or special someone for a romantic date, it is recommended to wear a silver necklace or bracelet with a blue sapphire as a pendant. It will work better if you are wearing a classy gown or cocktail dress. You can also wear a ruby gemstone with your silver necklace and a matching silver earrings. It will make you look more classy.

Casual workdays

Going to work every single day should nit be a monotomous thing. Your work will be more interesting and challenging if you wear simple yet delicate pieces of silver jewelry. Small silver earrings will make you look like a professional and yet it will still add class and elegance.


Yes, of course, you can still wear jewelry even if your on a vacation. You can choose silver jewelry with colorful pendants so it will compliment to the ambience of the beach.

Job Interview

As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to wear simple and small jewelry, Whether it is a necklace, bracelet or earring, it should show simplicity. This will make you look smart and job ready. Just make sure it will compliment to your business attire.

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