Good reasons to use crypto – currency bitcoin

Good reasons to use crypto – currency bitcoin
August 14 05:25 2019

The global economy has gone a long way through the continuous advancement and development of technology. From traditional investment to money transfer, almost everything is done paperless. As such, the newest and rising platform of digital payment and investment transaction is the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is the leader of this market. If you are not yet decided and convinced to use crypto currency, you are in the right place. This article will arm you with good reasons why you should use crypto-currency bitcoin.

Fraud Proof

It could be fair to say that Bitcoin is one of the safest platform to do your money transaction. This is because when cryptocurrency is created, all confirmed transactions are being stored in a public ledger. Consequently, all information or identities of these coin owners are being encrypted to make sure that the record keeping is legitimate. Moreover, because it is centralized, bank and government has no control and regulation over it.

Identity theft

The ledger of all the transactions can calculate an accurate balance. Hence, all the transactions are being checked to ensure that they belong to the current and same ledger owner.

Instant settlement

The main reason why cryptocurrency has value is block chain. Cryptocurrency is pretty easy to use. Perhaps this is one reason why it is very high demanded by people. All you have to do is to get your device, an internet connection and you can now make all the transactions that you want.


One of the biggest servers of Bitcoin is in France where Deribit is located. While stock market has provides very limited access to users, Bitcoin Market is actually the opposite. Anytime and anywhere, you can access your account and you can make all the transactions that you need safely.

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