Golf Short Game Tips, To Help You Play Better.

Golf Short Game Tips, To Help You Play Better.
August 08 10:58 2019

Golf is one of those games played in open fields. The player hits the golf ball into a hole known as the goal. You need to develop skills to hit the ball in the goal. Once you develop the skills to play golf, you need to trust your skills; situs togel terpercaya won’t work here.

Some tips to improve your short game

⦁ For pitch shots, never freeze your swing – when you’re trying to hit the ball at a lesser distance in the pitch shot, don’t try to freeze the swing. By freezing the swing, it means to drop the mechanism of swinging the stick before the shot. Adopt a good golf posture while you hit the ball, to hold the stick close to your body.

⦁ Make use of the bounce on the pitch – There is nothing you can do about the bounce on the pitch, so it’s better to use it for your benefit. Bounce can help you to hit closer to hole if you make the right use of it. Analyse the bounce before you hit so that you can utilize the bounce for your perfect hit.

⦁ Make use of the right part of the hand – what part of the hand you apply the greatest pressure to, decides to a great extent where your hit would end up. To get a perfect pitch shot, always make more use of your arms than your wrist that way, you maintain the direction and let the ball fly high and far.

⦁ Use soft hands for chip – to chip to the best of your ability always use soft hands to hit the shot. Just like in any other sport, hit the shot using soft hands on the stick and your ball will fly high and far.

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