Perfecting The Art of Successfully Rebounding A Basketball

Perfecting The Art of Successfully Rebounding A Basketball
August 06 11:05 2019

Rebound is integral to basketball. A good player must know how to rebound the ball without letting it slip through the fingers. It is important for dominating the opposition and the backboard. Rebounds lead to a better possession and in turn a lesser chance for the opponents to score. The importance of rebounds can be understood by the fact that it is the first skill that is taught to young players and everyone in the team has to learn it. Every team enters a competition with at least five capable rebounders.

Tips and Tricks For Perfection

People believe that having a good height is a basic requirement. But it is just a common misconception. Smaller players can easily make a rebound. You just need to keep a few tricks and skills in mind:

  • Floor positioning:

Establishing a good position on the court is a pre-requisite. Fighting for the inside position will help you secure a closer position to the hoop than your opponent and grab the ball quickly.

  • The Box out method:

It means that creating as much width and leap with your body as you can. The player has to be in front of the opponent and steal him away from the hoop. After locking him during the play and the ball is in the air, secure a strong position to hold the opponent from grabbing the ball.

  • Grabbing and protecting the ball:

Regaining possession is not just enough. After grabbing the ball you have to protect it and go for a score. You will be surrounded by opponents while going for a basket, you have to be quick enough to evade the defenders and pass the ball to your teammate.

Becoming a re-bounder is a huge deal and for a successful rebound, you need to have the presence of mind and apply your skills effectively just like in togel hongkong.

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