4 Best Aviator Sunglasses For Bikers

4 Best Aviator Sunglasses  For Bikers
August 03 12:07 2019

Aviator sunglasses are the absolute go-to shades for bikers. Thoughtfully designed with huge frames & dark lenses, these sunnies protect your eyes from flying debris and sand as you gush out with your wheels. Are you too a biker looking for your perfect pair of Aviators? Well, the post below offers a brief on the top Aviator sunglasses for bikers.

Metal Aviator by Ray Ban

If you are looking for something timeless and classic, look no further than aviator แว่นกันแดด rayban. You will love the sturdy metal frame while the polarized lenses assure solid guard from blinding glare. Not only that, the Metal Aviator lenses are layered with 100% UV coating for the safety of retinas.

The Prince by Le Specs

As the name says, “The Prince” is an imperial beauty defined by an elegant combo of green and gold. The dark lenses are layered with 100% UV guard while its golden tone frames create a beautiful sight when dawn or dusk light falls on them.

Aviator sunglasses by Jeepers Peepers

If you want something in the affordable range yet without compromising on form & function, don’t look beyond the Aviator shades by Jeepers Peepers. You will be amazed by their tinted dark lenses that not only look stylish but also assure complete UV protection. And of course, the vintage-inspired make is sure to woo everybody.

Concorde by Randolph Engineering

Sporting the signature military-spec design, the Concorde aviators stand out on the market hands down. Their gorgeous gold plated (24K) frames will leave you in awe while the premium mineral crown lenses and superior mil-spec standards make the aviator a true iconic name. On top of all such sophisticated features, the Randolph Engineering beauty assures complete UV protection to keep your eyes safe. Concorde will make a great choice if you are ready to rake up your budget a little.



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