The Sports Marketing Trends Of 2019: Here Is The List Of The Top 5 Trends

The Sports Marketing Trends Of 2019: Here Is The List Of The Top 5 Trends
July 26 15:25 2019

This is an era of digitalization which has impacted various fields to a great extent. Now, be it business or marketing, everything is proceeding with digitalization. You will not believe that sports marketing around the globe in no more like it was ten years ago. Digitalization has introduced new and unimaginable marketing trends in sports events. There are major five trends that are considered to be the biggest in sports marketing till the time; they are as follows:

  • The biggest trend is the eSports that has enabled people to play sports using technology while sitting at home. One of the biggest examples of it is online betting platforms like the casino online Indonesia that provides the joy of sporting in online betting through PCs or smartphones.
  • The sports industry is tilting towards women with the increasing support on feminist society. This encourages women around the world to come up and do what makes them happy and financially independent.
  • A flexible sales strategy has also become a new trend in the sports market where the sports franchises offer the ticket packages in various categories so people regardless of any income group can afford to pay for the tickets and voluntarily choose the sports event they can attend.
  • Another big trend in sports marketing is social media platforms where a large number of sports fans can be gathered, and thus, it helps in advertising sports to a great extent. Some of the biggest social channels for sports at present are Facebook and Instagram.

  • It is extremely difficult to keep the fans engaged in sports. Therefore the AR has been introduced, which is used by the various application that keeps the consumers towards the sports in one way or the other.

So the above are some of the biggest marketing trends in sports that are in practice at present. There will be a lot of trends and strategies that will evolve.

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