Benefits Of Paper Straws Over Plastic Straws

Benefits Of Paper Straws Over Plastic Straws
July 15 09:17 2019

Protecting and saving the environment is the duty of every individual living on this earth. Plastic is a non-biodegradable matter and hence will never ever leave the earth entirely, plastic takes around 200 years to degrade that too it doesn’t degrade fully. Plastic has been a big bane to the environment, increased use of plastic has made it difficult for the creatures to survive here on this earth.

Plastic straws especially are largely used by people and when disposed they are found sailing in the ocean. This plastic is then mistaken for food, by the marine animals which when swallowed can be dangerous to their health, it can choke them and may lead to death as well.

So here is how the earth is going to benefit from the biodegradable straws than plastic straws :

  • These paper straws are degradable and eco-friendly. Hence wont harm the environment or the creatures surviving here.
  • These paper straws can easily be degraded unlike the non-biodegradable plastic straws which takes a long time to degrade and do not degrade fully.
  • Many big fast food giants like McDonalds, KFC, Burger King have opted for paper straws in place of the paper straws
  • Plastic straws are 11th most found matter in the oceans or land. Due to this there are many cases where the animals near the ocean are consuming such plastic litter as food. Recently a tortoise was found with a plastic straw stuck in his nostril.
  • Paper straws are natural as they are made out of the wood pulp, hence it can be easily decomposed into the environment
  • Paper straws are the best for a single time use they can be used in the restaurants, bars and pubs, can be used as the party straws at house parties. These biodegradable straws are the best eco-friendly straws that can be used

Hence plastic straws should be ditched and instead paper straws should be used to save the creatures and the environment.

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