Top Adventure Games To Play On Your PC

Top Adventure Games To Play On Your PC
July 05 14:26 2019

There are a lot of factors to consider when judging whether a game is great or not. There are some games with some remarkable storylines, notable characters, challenging missions, or even stunning graphics.

Most gamers would prefer those high-action games with very intense gameplay, but it is somehow unfair to compare adventure type of games with those. That being said, here are some notable adventurous games that you can play on your PC.

  1. Tales From The Borderlands

Released in 2014, this game was tagged as the least interactive game that its company had. Despite that, it is considered as the best game ever developed by Telltale Games. Moreover, there have been lots of feedback about this game as being one of the funniest games at that time.


  1. The Walking Dead: Series 1

Another game that was released by Telltale Games; this game gave a unique approach when it comes to the genre of adventure games. There’s a lot of action and emotion within the game and the storyline that was based on the comic version of The Walking Dead.


  1. Gone Home

Way back 2013, The Fullbright Company released one of the most remarkable adventure games in the platform of PC. The storyline of this game revolves around the topic of sexual identity and premature love. What’s also amazing about this game is that it combined the genre of adventure along with a bit of time travel to make that made the game more exciting.

What makes a game more exciting and better than others is a great integration of ideas and takes on their genre. These are the type of games that you might want to play rather than Judi online terpercaya. What’s more exciting is that there are still lots of incoming adventure games that people should all look out for.

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