Best Places In Chattanooga For Sight Seeing

Best Places In Chattanooga For Sight Seeing
July 01 14:47 2019

Have you ever that relaxing feeling while looking at a great scenic overlooking place? If ever you had the time to visit the city of Chattanooga in Tennessee, what you don’t want to miss doing is go to the best overlooking spots and enjoy a great view whether by yourself or with other special people. Here are some of the best sightseeing spots that you can find in Chattanooga.

  1. Sunset Rock

This is probably the most famous and iconic scenery views that the city of Chattanooga can offer for everyone. Even people who don’t look at sunsets that much also enjoy this great view. It is also very accessible for everyone which is another great reason to visit it.

  1. Edward’s Point

You might hesitate a bit with Edward’s point because it can be a bit tough to get to this place. However, you would surely not regret once you did it because the great overlooking view is really worth it. You can go to this place on foot, ATV, or bike. Pro tip: you might be thinking that this is one of the things to do in Chattanooga this weekend, but it is much better to visit this on a weekday or very early in the morning so you can be all by yourself.


  1. Stringer’s Ridge

This place is quite popular for the locals that are mountain biking and trail running. This park is very famous because of the great view of the city that it gives to people. You can appreciate more the architecture, rivers, sunrise, and many more through this park.

There are still great places that were not mentioned in the list like Point Park, Snooper’s Rock, and so on. However, paying a visit on any of these places will make you go back to see more great overlooking views that the city of Chattanooga offers for the residents and tourists.

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