4 Jewelry Trends For This Season

4 Jewelry Trends For This Season
June 16 17:15 2019

The year 2019 is all about statement. Every trend, whether in clothing or accessories focuses more on expressing yourself. When it comes to jewelry trends, the rage is still and has always been attractive and amazing. Hence, if you are one of millions of people who love jewelry, you are in the right place. Spring season has already come into the picture. Certainly, new trends have been introduced in the market and you probably don’t want to be last. So to help you be up to date, here are some of the jewelry trends for this season.


Summer is all about beaches. Hence, one of the amazing trends in jewelry is a seashell. As you look in the market in this season, you’ll seas several necklaces and rings with seashell designs as pendants. Whether you are on a beach vacation of in a summer event party, seashell styled jewelry is the best choice for you.

Hoop earrings

These jewelry trends come in different styles and designs. You can have a lot of options from silver, gold, rose-gold any so many more. The latest take on hoop earrings this season is the dainty ear hugging designs.

Stars and Sun Sparklers

Aside from beaches, summer is also about stars, moon and sun. These designs are also rampant in necklace pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets.


Beads may have laid low for years back but this amazing jewelry design is back and is still on the run. Way back years, beads were used in different accessories most especially in bracelets. In this season, the trending power of beads is back! And the good thing is, you can have it now in different forms such as matching couples jewelry. Summer is here, so when it comes in accessories and jewelries, you should be up to date.


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