7 Steps To Convert FLV To M4V For Ipods

7 Steps To Convert FLV To M4V For Ipods
June 10 14:02 2019

People love to enjoy video streaming on their smartphones or iPods. But people with Apple phones are not able to view the videos sometimes as their operating system is not supporting that file format. To cope up with this situation, you can use the best converter that will help you to convert the FLV files to M4V, and you can view them easily on your iPods. You just need to download the best converter that supports the conversion, and for this, you need to go url and check the converters and download the best one.

The conversion is easy to make, and you can easily convert your file by just importing the files, let us know some of the steps that will help in the further conversion of one file format to another:-

  1. You need to download the converter to make the conversion.
  2. After downloading and installing the software, you need to add or import the FLV files that are needed to be converted.
  3. You can simply drag and drop the files into the converter to save your time rather than copying and pasting.
  4. After selecting and importing the files, you have to choose the specific output format in which you need to download the file. If you want to convert the FLV file to M4V, then choose the M4V option.
  5. Selecting the output format will not only help; after this, you have to set the path or destination where you want to download the file.
  6. Set the path of the output format and click on Convert.
  7. You get the converted file into your destination location, and you can view it.

Moving further, to convert the FLV file to M4V, you can check out the steps mentioned above as these will be helpful.

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