Soccer 101: Important Skills Needed To Play This Sport

Soccer 101: Important Skills Needed To Play This Sport
June 08 14:14 2019

Soccer is a fun sport that involves players kicking a ball and maneuvering it to a goal. It involves a lot of running, kicking and being able to dodge moves from opponents out to steal the ball. Soccer can be tiring but it’s also very rewarding once you score a goal.

To play soccer, you must be able to have the necessary skills to keep up with it. Below are a few skills one needs to note whether you’re looking to play soccer as a professional sport or for fun:


Running sounds easier said than done, especially when you’re kicking a ball and guiding across the field with opponents trying to steal it from you. Running should be practiced before engaging in soccer. It practices your speed and agility to go through players and quickly cut through them so as not to bump into them.

To practice your running skills, it is recommended to do running drills uphill to strengthen your knees and get your endurance and stamina to work you up. Do sprints as well and time yourself for a better comparison of your improvement.


Shooting, also known as kicking the ball, is an important skill in soccer. Without such skill practiced, you’ll be able to have a hard time guiding the ball where you want it to go. Practice both of your feet that way each foot knows how to kick. Proper exercises include doing lunges to strengthen thighs. Practice maneuvering the ball through cones to learn how to kick the ball in sharp curves.


It’s not all the time you’ll be in charge of the ball. Soccer is a team sport and must be played with other people. Practice your passing skills with a team mate by kicking the ball towards them and have them pass it back to you.

Soccer takes a lot of discipline. So drop your video and online games such as DominoQQ for now and head out into the field to practice.

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