How Do Pdf Converter Programs Work?

How Do Pdf Converter Programs Work?
June 06 10:45 2019

A PDF converter program is a wonder tool that every organization needs. PDF is the industry-standard for official documents. Thus, a PDF converter is the most needed when you have to convert any document into a PDF format. But it can also do a lot more. The post below offers insights on the different features of a PDF conversion tool.

Conversion into PDF and vice-versa

The most important function of this tool is to convert documents into PDF format. The best ones support all file formats, including the image file formats like TIFF, JPG etc.  For example, you can easily convert tiff to pdf online free. PDF converters are available in both online and downloadable formats.

Besides, a converter can also convert a PDF file into another format like, PDF into TIFF.

Merges files

Another great bit about these tools is that these allow you to merge various document files or image files into one coherent PDF file. You will even be able to customize file sequence while merging different files into a PDF document.

Bulk conversion

The best PDF conversion tools are excellent time-savers. Well, these are designed to allow bulk conversions at one go. It means, with a leading converter tool, you can conveniently convert several files into PDF files simultaneously. The time taken in converting multiple files in batch will be almost similar to that of converting a single file. However, bulk conversion will mostly work if your files (files to be converted) are in the same format.

Allows to specify layout settings

A PDF conversion tool usually allows users to specify layout settings during conversion. For example, you will be able to mention page orientation, size margins and rotation for your output file.

PDF converter tools are available in both free and paid versions. If you opt to go for a paid version, make sure your chosen one allows free trial facility.

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