Use Of Gantt Chart In Project Management

Use Of Gantt Chart In Project Management
May 27 11:54 2019

Gantt chart Excel is a very useful tool in project management. The main purpose of the chart is to show the scheduled programs of the event on a particular day. The X axis and Y axis of the graph would represent the events and the dates respectively. The dates, time, events, tasks are made very clear with help of excel chart. The starting date, project tasks, division of each task on the basis of dates, finishing date, duration of the task done, overlap of the events are written and drawn with the assistance of Gantt chart. Different colour boxes on the white surface attract the viewer to have a look into the data given. The goal of the presenter to create an interest in the audience, while the presentation is made, became easy through the chart. Convey of information to the audience are made clear with the chart drawn without making any confusion in the minds.

What are the benefits of Gantt chart in project management?

  • Easy understanding of the data given.
  • Make no confusion in the minds of the viewer.
  • Attractive to the audience.
  • Pleasant to the eyes. It makes a positive impact on the minds of the people.
  • Clear and crisp. The information given is the gist of the detailed content of the presentation.
  • It makes easier for a quick revision.

Although the making of chart is time consuming, once the chart is made, it is easy for the people to understand, revise and detail the information made in the graph. The attractive bar diagram in the chart does not tire out the viewer in looking for the required data. The purpose of the presentation is served through and by the gist made in the graph.

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