3 Steps To Guide You Buy Your First Bitcoin

3 Steps To Guide You Buy Your First Bitcoin
May 18 09:39 2019

Everyone of us have heard about bitcoin. It is the oldest and most valuable cryptocurrency available. Though currently the value of bitcoin is stagnant than its dynamism in last January, speculators expect bitcoin to rise again in future as the market has become now sensible and it understands the value bitcoin.

Being a beginner, you don’t have to go in so details about bitcoin. The concept of bitcoin is pretty much similar to that of buying and trading securities. The only difference is that it is a type of cryptocurrency and can be used to purchase things or make peer to peer payments. The purchasing of bitcoin cryptocurrency is a very easy process and not a bouncer for beginners.

Here is an easy 3- step guide to purchasing your first bitcoin:

  • Step 1: Choose where to buy from

Plan and decide from where do you wish to buy bitcoins. Bitcoins can be bought from different platforms like bitcoin faucet or exchange, cryptocurrency brokers, bitcoin ATMs or even directly from a person. CredoEx, Bitfinex, Coinbase etc. are some of the safest exchange sites.

  • Step 2: Sign Up and Fund an account

If you prefer a broker or exchange site, you will then have to create an account in the exchange site with your basic details. The exchange sites will verify it and then you will be allowed to fund it. You can select the amount of bitcoins you wish to buy and add the desired amount of money in the account through online payments.

  • Step 3: Purchase your first bitcoin

Once you are ready with the set up, you are ready to make the first bitcoin trade. You can purchase bitcoin either by the worth of real money value or by the number of bitcoin, you want to buy.

Once you follow the steps, the process will seem very easy to you. After buying bitcoins you become eligible to earn incentives based on the market value of the bitcoins you purchased.

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