Reasons Why Judo Is Better Than Other Team Sports

Reasons Why Judo Is Better Than Other Team Sports
May 07 17:32 2019

Other team sports include a proper team and judo is all about one-to-one. Judo is a sport then make the opponents respect each other and is a motivation to do well next time. Also, martial art is a must for today’s kids as there is the most need for them to learn self-defense. The exercises of judo will make you very strong and will make you learn discipline.

The following are the reasons why judo is better than other team sports:-

  1. It builds up self- confidence

Judo is a sport that helps children to boost up their self-confidence. Children become self-assured as they become expert in their style in playing judo.

  1. Learn new techniques of self-defense

This is the most important and appropriate reason that makes judo better than other sports. Self-dense should be learned by everyone and not by a particular age group. It will make learning how to protect you in the fight back in the situations where it is necessary.

  1. Exercise and learn discipline

There are many different exercises that are necessary for warm up and exercises like stretching which will help you to be flexible. Also, you will learn discipline as it is the core of judo. Children when play judo know that kicking and punching will be repeated again and again and this will make them patient and respect their opponent.

  1. Judo will make you learn gender equity

Judo and martial art is a sport in which both girls and boys play together. There is no difference between a boy and a girl. Nowadays, many parents want their girls to practice judo and also this is the sport that girls and boys can play together.

Additionally, Judo is based on individual quality and not on the whole team’s efforts. Check out Domino99 for more games of your interest.

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