How To Fix A Ruined Blackberry Curve Screen?

How To Fix A Ruined Blackberry Curve Screen?
April 30 19:43 2019

The mobile phone is a useful thing for each person. There are several brands of mobile phone which are available in the market. One of the examples is Blackberry; this phone is the best phone that has more demand but less supply due to its company. All the functions of this phone are the best, and the display moves very softly. Due to uncertainty if your phone’s screen got damage and you won’t to spend money on phone repair. It would be expected to hear your heart shatter, but the good thing is that you can fix it by yourself.

Before starting your phone repairing, you need the replacement screen to fix. Go to your local repairing shops or go online which will have your screen for a lower price. This will save you money and you can do it with yourself would be better.

  • First, you have to remove the broken screen; for this, you need a screwdriver to split the silver piece off. The simplest way is that put the screwdriver into the earpiece and twist it until the silver piece breaks off. Then go around with screw breaking it off bit by bit.
  • Secondly, when the screen is out, then you have to clean each nook and cranny of your phone. Once the new screen is get inserted, you want access to have inside again.
  • Take out the new screen from the packaging, make sure that the size cuts and fits into space.

  • There is a double-sided tape come with the screen, and you need to place it that will hold the screen from the phone. Stick it so gently and carefully put into the lines and follow the cutting tape. Use a Xacto knife to press and lift off the adhesive from the tape. Press the new screen on the place.

These are the steps which help you in fixing the new screen of blackberry phone by yourself.

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