Signs Which Tell You That A Car Battery Replacement Is Needed

Signs Which Tell You That A Car Battery Replacement Is Needed
April 27 16:36 2019

One of the most important of your car are the batteries. They are the one responsible for firing up the engine to life and basically gives power to the entire vehicle. However, strong as your car batteries may seem, it won’t last forever and will gradually wear out.

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to know when your car batteries are starting to give out. More than just functionality, your safety and the safety of your passengers are at stake. The problem is, there’s usually no apparent signs, your car just suddenly dies.

Depending on where you are, the rate at which a car battery will wear out differs. Usually, it would take roughly around 4 years before your start seeking out car battery replacement in Singapore. But regardless of the location or weather, here are universal signs that indicate the need for a battery replacement.

Your car engine starts slow

If you notice that it takes a longer time for the engine to fire up from when you twist your keys, then your batteries need replacement. This means that it takes time for your battery to charge up for the starter before it can power the engine. If you start to notice this, them have your batteries replaced as soon as possible as this usually happens right before a battery gives out.

Your lights have become dimmer than usual

Car batteries are the one responsible for providing power to all electrical components of your car. If you notice that your head lights are dimmer than usual, especially when driving in the dark, then it may be time to have your cars replaced.

A putrid smell under the hood

When a car battery is damaged, there is a risk of gas leak from it. When you smell putrid once you open your hood, have your batteries get checked asap as this could mean significant damage, which could lead to safety risks.

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