A Quick Guide to Amazon’s FBA Calculator

A Quick Guide to Amazon’s FBA Calculator
April 18 18:54 2019

In making use of certain business models, one thing that you would definitely want to happen to your business is to earn an income, or at least, gain profit. As a person, you will also want to make things more convenient by letting others do the work and leaving you with less menial tasks to do. This is something that the FBA does. If you don’t want to reach the point wherein you ask what to do if your amazon account gets suspended, you have to meet certain sales expectations. With that said, below are some quick guides to calculating FBA costs.

Selling and Per-Item Fees

Shipping Rates do apply to pretty much all the products that are sold via amazon. These shipping rates are determined through their type, and thus may apply to media products like books, music, DVD, and video that are sold by professional rather than personal sellers. Also, only personal sellers are able to gift wrap. FBA also charges on items whenever they are sold for those who are individual sellers, which is why the rates have to be priced a little bit higher, except when you are a professional seller, where there are no per-item fees imposed.

Referral Fees

There are various referral fees available on Amazon, depending on the product that you will be selling. There are various categories from which it can be classified into. The largest of the referral fees is 45% for Amazon Devices. Baby Products and Books are the next highest, with 15%, together with Electronics Accessories, Furniture and Décor, Home and Garden Appliances, Music, Office Products, among others. Other products have different ratings, from 6% to as much as 20% for higher-end products like jewelry, which is understandable given their generally high cost.

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