Qualities Needed To Become A Virtual Assistant

Qualities Needed To Become A Virtual Assistant
April 15 11:59 2019

Switching to another career is quite confusing and exhausting but what if you’re able to find a job that you can just work conveniently at home, exciting right? In this millennial time, digital technology has rapidly developed to the point that people can access everything by the use of internet connection. A good example would be, people can work online earning extensively high income that can sum up with the salary of a regular employee in a certain company. What distinguishes between the two is that, online freelancers are just in a state of being at home while regular employees in a company needs to jump into a public transportation or drive their way through to the area that’s why a lot of workers even medical professionals decided to work in this kind of industry. The most widely known job position online is working as a virtual assistant, if you have chosen this kind of work then you need to know the qualities needed to fill in for the position.

  1. Reliable. Instructions are given thru email so as a VA you should be reliable on whatever tasks given to you. Employers rely on your work such as reporting the progress and attending to their inquiries, so show them that you value the position.
  2. Good communication skills. Whether you’re a non-voice VA or requires calling clients, good communication skills both verbal and written are required. Without this ability, it will result to misunderstanding between you, the employer and the clients; Moreover, the lack of this skill will end up with a bad image towards you as an employee and to the company that you’re working with.
  3. Resourceful. Your employer has high expectations when it comes to resourcing information without spoon-feeding the instructions. You’re capable of working even without the supervision of the team leader/senior coworkers.
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