Things Your Personal Trainer Will Not Tell You

Things Your Personal Trainer Will Not Tell You
April 03 20:58 2019

We often go to gyms whenever we want to be fit and in good shape. Sometimes, we choose the nicest looking gym that is full of good personal trainers. Staying in shape can be sometimes difficult for people, that is why some people opt to be in a gym to have a personal trainer that will guide them throughout their workout. You might also check for your health needs.

However, there might be some things that your personal trainer will not tell you. Here are some of them.

  • They are not nutritionists

They can only give you advices on fitness but if you want to know what is the proper food to eat, you will still need to see a nutritionist.

  • They don’t always have those abs

Just because they are your personal trainer doesn’t mean they need to have those abs. They are just there to help you be in shape and whatever their physique is has nothing to do with how they handle their job.

  • They can give discounts if you train with a friend

If they did not say they are just into one-on-one sessions, you can bring some friends and your trainer can give you discounts if you train as a group.

  • Some trainers are not certified

Some trainers use their muscles to score a training gig, they might just took some online tests that they use to be hired.

  • You are training in a filthy gym

Some of the gyms’ equipment are infectious with various diseases. The machines, weight equipment and the like can give you common colds.


  • They are having difficulties motivation their trainees

They sometimes think out of the box on how to motivate their clients. They need brilliant minds to motivate a person that they train especially is the person is losing it.


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