What Is The Process Of Converting An Image To JPG Format?

What Is The Process Of Converting An Image To JPG Format?
April 02 14:34 2019

There are a lot of websites which don’t allow the users to upload a photo until it is in JPG format. Many times the photos end in .PNG, .TIFF, .GIF and any other file extension. So, if you want to convert a photo from png to pdf, then there is a simple process. There are only a few steps in order to convert an image to JPG format and in order to know about these steps, read the further article.

Step 1

First of all, find the pre installed paint on a personal computer. For this, press S and windows together and type paint to search. In the results, you will get the option and click on that in order to open.

Step 2

Click on the file, and there will be many options, but you are required to select open. After this, find the image which you want to convert and click on OK. By this, you will open the image in paint. However, you should always make sure that the image is saved in PC.

Step 3

Now again click on the file and select save as. When you do this, then there will be a list including many images types. After that, you just need to choose JPG format, and a new box will appear.

Step 4

When you have done with all these steps, then rename it and click on save. Thus, the process is completed, and the image has been changed.

So, if you want to convert the image from png to JPG format, then these are the only steps which have to be completed. In addition to this, there are many more methods which can prove helpful in order to change the type of image.

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