10 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Car

10 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Car
March 31 12:23 2019

In this article, we can see some tricks and tips for spring cleaning. If you have bought a car for seconds from the Japanese car auction then it needs to spring cleaned to make it look like a new car.

  1. To remove the dirt from the cracks use the compressed air. And before this use the stiff brushes to remove dirt from the upholstery and carpets.
  2. Use a vacuum tube to clean the air ducts and then change the cabin air filter.
  3. After this, you need to clean the wheels. And the wheels should be cleaned only by the degreaser and not by the acid-base cleaners. Because the acid-base cleaners will damage the rim of the wheel.
  4. Then wash the body of the car by hand with a car wash, not with the dishwasher liquid. And to dry away the car after rinsing use Silicone squeegee.
  5. To clean the swirl marks, rough spots, and birds dropping uses the clay bar lubricated with the liquid cleaner wax.
  6. Use oscillating buffers for your car than rotating polishing machines.
  7. Do waxing on the body of your car for giving maximum protection. Don’t to waxing more than two layers.
  8. Do waxing to your car based on the proper schedule to make sure that the painting is protected.
  9. And to clean the windows and glasses of the car use the microfiber cloth and liquid without ammonia.
  10. Roll the windows slightly down to clean the top of the car.

These are the tips you need to follow to keep your car safe and make it to look new for a longer period of time. The spring cleaning tips listed in this article will definitely help you while cleaning your car.

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